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Human Resources ("People")
The Power of the Platinum Rule
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"The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people."
Theodore Roosevelt (26th President, USA)

Ethos and Approach

Human Resources

At John MacPhie and Associates we take issue with those managers and business owners who will readily agree that "our people are our greatest asset" and yet will do very little to ensure that their ability to perform to capacity is nurtured and enhanced. Money will be spent on servicing the hardware in the business e.g. vehicle servicing, machine maintenance, to ensure it runs at peak efficiency but little will be done to oil the wheels within a team or ease the friction between departments or smooth the interface with customers or suppliers.

Consequently, the "greatest assets" often just grind away, costing more to run than the value they are adding. However, this is an imbalance that can be reversed.

No Manual to Read

The bad news is that people do not come with a 'Service Manual' to guide us so most attempts at improvement are applied externally.

"This is just like trying to make your car run better by washing and polishing the outside!" Brian Tracy - The Psychology of Achievement

The good news - there is a highly effective system available which starts with self-understanding and leads, through a better understanding of others, to better and more productive interactions in almost every situation involving people.

The Power of the Platinum Rule

Very Important People

At John MacPhie and Associates we hold the belief that the most important people in any Workshop or Seminar are the "Learners". We also recognise that each Learner is an Individual who needs to Learn in his or her own way. All our material is prepared and delivered according to these principles.

We strive to ensure that we resist the temptation just to follow fashion and, instead, offer tried and tested best-practice techniques which actually work in the real world.

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"Now they understand each other, staff members who used to clash are working more happily and productively together." Julie Maddocks Owner/Manager Sprinter Printer