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The Power of the Platinum Rule

The Situation

It was the end of a strange meeting. David, Tom, Ronnie and Sara had just decided which supplier should get the contract. Several salespeople had presented to them during the previous two weeks but they had all agreed that Peter's firm should get the business. And they've just realised, to their surprise, that all four of them had reached the same conclusion without the usual arguments. Tom was the first to speak...

The Conversation

"I think I've worked out why, for the first time in nearly five years, we all agreed." He waited for a response...

"Go on!" said Ronnie, smiling reassuringly at him.

"Well, you know how we always say our differences are what make us such a strong team..."

Sara interrupted, excitedly "Yes, but we also use that as an excuse for arguing about so many things!"

"Let him finish! We need to get on. I've got another meeting in ten minutes!" said David. His tone was brisk and he held Tom steadily in his gaze, urging him to speak.

"OK!" Tom continued, "Listening to what we've all been saying about Peter and his presentation, I reckon that we all liked it because he focused on each of us differently."

"I liked him straight away!" said Sara "Bags of charisma, upbeat but nice, with it. Nicer than most salespeople I've met!

David silenced her with a look. Ron smiled comfortingly at her as she sat back, undaunted but obediently quiet for now.

Tom persisted. "That's just it! He was really nice to you - not that he was unpleasant to the rest of us - but he 'charmed' you. On the other hand, when I met with him, he was friendly but kept his distance. He took me logically through the benefits of hiring his firm, told me all about how they operate and what quality controls they have in place and actually stayed an extra half-hour to answer my questions. And not once did he try to get a decision from me!"

"Uh! Too much!" blurted David. "He got that extra half-hour from me! We were done in fifteen minutes! Once he'd told me the results we'd get and the edge they would give us, I was happy to go ahead. In fact, if it had been my decision, I'd have signed him there and then. Instead I had to wait for you lot to catch up, as usual! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go." With a curt smile, he left.

"I do respect him but he's so rude sometimes!" said Sara angrily.

"He does get a lot done and you know it's not personal. He's just so focused on his work that he forgets his manners now and then." defended Ron.

"Oh! I know, but he can be so, so..." she struggled to find the words.

"Annoying?" suggested Ron, patiently. "I liked Peter, too." He said, returning to the subject. "He invited me to visit their place and meet his people. I went over there the day before yesterday and they were all really nice. It was good to see where they worked and how well they got on. I came away feeling quite confident that they would deliver what we wanted."

Tom spoke up. "D'you hear what we've just been saying? It's exactly that! He treated each of us differently. They way each of us prefers to be treated. That's why we all liked him and wanted to buy from him!!" He paused. "Excellent technique!" he said admiringly, almost to himself as everyone rose to leave.

Sara had the last word. "I'm going to learn how to do that! He's brilliant! Now, where did I put his card?"

The Secret

When Peter explained to Sara that all he does is follow The Platinum Rule® she couldn't wait to learn more about it. So, when he invited her to attend one of his workshops and learn how to identify people's different behavioural styles, she leapt at the opportunity. She doesn't usually 'do' training but when Peter suggested she'd be a perfect example of one of the styles, she couldn't say no!